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I think it the best shump game out there with varity of jet planes to choose but the down fall most of the planes has the same weapon and just wish they all play different instead of feeling the same as one of the other!


Sunny Tam does it again. This game is fantastic - like all their games. In fact, this game blows away Dodonpachi Maximum by a long shot. Storm Strikers is a better quality game than Dodonpachi and is much more fun to play. For what? $10 less!! And this is coming from an experienced bullet hell shooter. Now Cave did produce a good one in Espgaluda. But if you're considering a Dodonpachi, don't believe the hype. Save $10, and have a better experience.

Beautifully Deadly

This almost bullet hell shooter is fun to play. It has over the top action. It's flashiness might get in the way of gameplay though. The enemies' lasers in particular aren't differentiated enough from the neon backgrounds and swarms of overcharge items. Good variety of music this time around Tam.

This is the BEST!!!!!!

Ppl should love this game this is exactly what I been wanting to see and play if u don't enjoy fast pace action and pounding music then this isn't ur game sunny tam Thank u! But just one thing MAKE MORE LVLS WITH PONDING MORE AWESOME MUSIC!!!

Best non-cave shmup!!

Sunny Tam knows his work extremely amazing!! Thanks for all your fantastic shmup games!

Very Difficult Bullet Hell

I agree with the previous review. The game is harder than it needs to be because of how much is going on graphically. The easy mode is too hard, but then again who wants their shmups to be too easy. The damage indicator would be nice. I like Danmaku Unlimited 2 better. The controls are inevative and the different levels of difficulty have defined differences.

Graphical overload....

Too much going on, too many overlapping visual objects, too busy graphically. And where is the damage indicator? Playing and suddenly I get a new ship or it's game over. Stupid that I dont get to see a damage indicator. Menu font is way too small. Waste of screen space. There are MUCH BETTER smups out there.

Crashes, game needs work.

I can't even beat the game because it'll crash after a couple stages. The graphic options barely change anything so it doesn't affect the crashing. The game itself is okay. The soundtrack needs work, especially since the tracks doesn't even loop properly. The game itself is pretty look at but it gets too much. So much on the screen happening at once makes it more difficult than it should be to dodge the bullets. The colors play a major role in this problem since everything just stands out, instead of having more contrast between the bullets and the everything else. I appreciate the nice graphics and all, but don't let it become a hindrance. What I do like though is the variety of ships and the ease of getting tokens without having to rely solely on IAP. The bullets move a little fast for my tastes but the patterns work well. Considering the price, I think the game is still worth a buy however, especially with Cave or Taito's shmups being a bit expensive for some users.

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This game & Danmaku need GC Achievements.

Great Game!

Great, difficult game.

Great game!!

Very fun and addicting. But extreme mode is very...EXTREME!! 😝


Now... if only it were to become an Universal app....


shooter that features vivid graphics and challenging gameplay.

Problems with Game

Game starts to lag in later boss battles.

Pretty worthwhile.

I'm DaGreen1 from the Touch Arcade forums. I'm in no way any important figure of authority or anything. I just saw this game on the Touch Arcade Forums and decided to try it out. I'm impressed with the difficulty and how good the controls are. The music is pretty decent, fast paced for the speed of the game. I fear though that there is a bit too much going on the screen to really see what your doing at times, but it's quite easy to move around. I do have some thoughts. I'd like for more screen space, and retina display support. Otherwise, this deserves my 4 out of 5 stars so far.

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